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The DfT Training Accreditaion has recently been awarded to one of Quadratica’s management team... giving us the opportunity to be able deliver training to a new, even higher level!

Continually developing new courseware all the time, you can be safe in the knowledge that our trainers have this important government accreditation behind them.

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Do you battle with the demands placed on you by Security legislation? Help is at hand – and it’s just a click away!

Over the years we have seen our Clients constantly challenged to keep up with the growth rate of customer through put and ever-changing security requirements. Whether you are employed in security or travel markets, event management or asset protection, we are constantly working on your behalf alongside industry-leading security experts who are highly regarded across the world. Through our collaborations, we have produced extremely effective computer based training systems which can save you time and money in this fast paced world. We can also design and develop new & bespoke courses just for you, as well as convert any of your existing course material which requires updating and enhancement. With our thirty years of experience, we have the expertise and knowledge base you are looking for. Now read on and discover how we can help you.

Do you have a need for superior X-Ray Screener training?

Whether employed at an airport or a secure establishment, a major crowd-pulling event or a training room, X-Ray screening is a critical job. Screeners everywhere are under the spotlight, and they deserve to be trained effectively and efficiently. Ever changing legislation results in regular and ongoing need for refresher training. That is one of the reasons why our core product X-Screen® the highly regarded Image Recognition training tool was designed as a web enabled product. On completion of the initial classroom X-Screen® modules, Agents can access pre-allocated courses during shift down time or when away from the Operation and Trainers can monitor their performance via the reporting tool within the system. Get it right first time, get X-Screen®.

Do your employees need to take the GSAT course quickly with the minimum of effort?

Well you’ve come to the right place... our online GSAT course complies with every point in the DfT curriculum in an easily digestible manner. All Restricted Zone pass holders operating within UK Airports must achieve this certification. Corporate accounts and individual users are catered for through our website with an effective pay-per-click licensing system. The online purchasing system gives users the rapid response required in this fast moving industry. Successful completion of the Assessment will enable Instant Certification via e-mail.

Do you need economical training, but just can’t find it?

Look no further! We are confident that you will be pleasantly surprised by the cost of our courses. What is more, we continue to reduce the cost of web based training in direct proportion to the number of people who sign up. In order for you to help us achieve these numbers we are offering a rewards scheme where we will credit your account with 10% of the value of any purchase made by a friend or colleague.

Many of our products can be purchased on-line without the need to arrange a meeting beforehand. If however you wish to discuss a corporate agreement or a bespoke course please contact us for assistance.

See our Shop section for further course details.