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01 - GSAT SINGLE USER - Online course

Price: £8.29


Quadratica UK and Redline Aviation Security have jointly developed this DfT accredited General Security Awareness Training (GSAT) package that employs the very latest thinking in Computer Based Training (CBT) technology.


Internet Based Study Package

This distance learning package is ideal for those with access to the internet and who wish to study the syllabus without the need for a separate disk or stand alone computer. A secure internet link ensures security and integrity of our system and allows unlimited access to ‘your’ individual course.

The Multi-user option gives you corporate control over your employees, allowing you to add a large number of multiple users via your own secure corporate online access. Complete user tracking is available showing the progress and results of your users.

Each lesson can be paused, re-run or restarted at anytime and is completely user-driven.

Users can take as long as they require studying the courseware, then when they are ready to complete the approved assessment, a pre-paid assessment is taken online. This online assessment is completely secure and will track a user’s progress & results. Upon successful completion of the assessment a certificate is produced which will allow the candidate to be issued with their relevant Restricted Zone pass.

Lessons include: The Threat to Aviation - Objectives & Organisation of Aviation Security - Restricted Zone Protection & Access Control - Prohibited Articles - Your Role in Aviation Security - Pre-Assessment Skill Quiz - Formal Assessment and Certification

Competitive and Economical Pricing!

The unit price for the online GSAT course is just £8.29 + VAT per person.

GSAT licences are valid for 12 months from date of purchase and certificates are available for 12 months after the assessment has been successfully completed. Replacement certificates are available if you have lost your original, with a small admin charge.

If you plan to purchase more than one licence of the GSAT training for multiple members of staff within your company, then please select the 'Company Account Licence' option instead of this single user option. A corporate account will allow you to administer your details and see how your users are getting on. All pass certificates are sent to the administrator of the account for reference. You can always top up your account at a later date if you need to by purchasing more in the same manner.

Recommended Specifications:

Processor: PC based AMD Athlon 64 2.4Ghz. RAM: 1024Mb. OS: Windows XP Browser: Internet Explorer 6/7 (with Windows Media Player enabled). Audio: Windows Media Player, wmv format audio capable audio device. Graphics: 32bit colour. Resolution: 1024x768.

The system may run on other specifications but Quadratica (UK) Limited cannot warrant that the use of systems which do not meet this recommended specification will provide the interactive learning environment to the levels of quality we would endorse. The online GSAT system does not perform correctly on non-PC based machines as standard.

***Please note that we will NOT ship any GSAT goods (aide memoires / leaflets) outside of the UK. If you require us to do this, then please contact us by e-mail or telephone first.***

***Please note: All refunds on purchases are subject to a 10% admin surcharge***

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